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Links to the galleries to do with me sailing with Marina Sailing.

If you (fellow Marina Sailing mariners) have sailing related photos you wish to share with the rest of us but don't have a website you can send them to me and I'll host them here for you. You can email me just the photos, and I'll put them up in a gallery attributed to you, or you can send me html pages and photos which I'll put up as is. If you want to send me a lot of photos you can email me for snail mail and send them on a CD. I can cope with zip'd files, tar'd files, etc .

Alternatively, if you have your own website email me a link and I'll put a link to your photos here. If you link mine then we can all find everyone's photos.

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First Annual Round Catalina Race

First Race First Win


Long Beach/Santa Barbara Boat Delivery

Newport Ensenada Race

Coches Prietos Overnight 15/16th Feb 2004


Frenchies at Anacapa

Thanksgiving Weekend Potato Cove

Scans of Ali's Photos of Potato Weekend

104 Course from Hell

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