The First Time I Saw Alison

I remember the first time I saw you. You wandered into the Geology Lab in Manresa Road where I was the student Scuba Club's Training Officer doing the freshman sign'em up lecture one evening.

You sailed in with a huge parka like jacket and a rucksack slung over one shoulder with an attitude of "Well, what's all this then young man and don't give me any lip!"

Did my heart and soul realise then that you were the one? Is that why I remember you long after all the other people who must have wandered in and out that night are long forgotten?

Why did it take me so long for my brain to get round to realising you were the one? Then it took awhile to pluck up the courage to ask the question on our first "date" as opposed to a scuba club outing, a few pints in "The Crane" in Wandsworth. God, what a romantic. NOT.

And the miracle was you said yes!