Phil Terry

Inphi Corporation 2014-present

Senior Software Architect in the Memory Division CTO Office. Working with DDR4 NVDIMM enabling chipsets and future memory technology projects.

Radian Memory Systems 2011-2014

Software Architect working on NVME based storage devices. I designed and implemented the flush to flash software which provides an NVMe non-volatile memory card. The main product is an SSD architecture which opens the NAND structure to the host. so called software defined storage.

Xirrus 2010-2011

System Architect Xirrus Working on the Cavium Network Processor based Wireless arrays. Catch up with the latest wireless standards, multi-user MIMO technology, etc.

MicroMemory/Vmetro/Curtiss-Wright 2007-2010

MicroMemory was a highly specialized board solution and FPGA IP vendor in Chatsworth. It was a small, family firm of long standing and good reputation in its niche. I was hired as a system architect to design and implement software at the heart of an ambitious product line which would take the company from being a board supplier to other system integrator/solutions companies to being such a supplier itself. The "systems" are highly ruggedized chassis containing multiple processor and FPGA processing nodes for Radar Signal processing. In less ruggedized forms the same technology addresses health industry products such as 4-D Sonograms, MRI processing and Video and Image processing in general. While the central processing task, highly mathematical CPU intense transformations on high-volume sensor data sources was new to me, the system problems of handling high volume, low latency, data in a multi node chassis with fast switching backplanes was not.

MicroMemory was aquired by a Norwegian company, Vmetro, at the end of 2007 in a negotiated merger. Vmetro was the subject of a hostile takeover by Curtiss Wright at the end of 2008 when the finanical crisis made the company vulnerable on the European bourse.

Xirrus 2005-2007

Hired as a senior programmer I started by organizing the build system with a series of scripts. Also worked on their manufacturing automated test software for radio calibration, final system test, etc. All the while working on the main product line adding various features. Acted as an informal System Architect to orient the products towards a more enterprise level, multi-layer switch, network centric view.

This was very interesting as it was very educational on the wireless front.

Taking stock 2004

So after the insanity of the bubble I took the opportunity to take stock. While giving the tech business time to settle down I looked around for ideas for a business venture of my own including ideas that were a complete break from everything before. But I was also on the lookout for stable business as usual.

Co-Founder Internet Machines Corporation 2000-2003

Persuaded to join new startup to repeat the Xylan Experience! Oh well, best laid plans of mice and men and all that. Even the website is gone now! But some of us remember.

System architect on the chip-set and how it would be used in a real system. Designed the API software and the Hardware workbench evaluation software. Implemented the chip drivers. Heavily involved in the architecture of the network processor chip.

End result, a fully working three chip system - switch fabric, traffic manager, network processor - with software, $80M spent, no customers... Ah, the insanity of the bubble.

Senior Software Engineer Alcatel Corporation 1999-2000

Xylan was bought by French multinational Alcatel to spearhead its Internetworking Group in North America. Integrated with Packet Engines and Internet Devices.

System Architect Xylan Corporation 1993-1999

Hired to write Architecture Specification for what was to become the Omniswitch product. Persuaded to stay and implement it. Company went for IPO in '96. I ported the original architecture to succeeding generations of ASIC based hardware. Developed and hold patent on the any to any switching concepts of the product and wrote all high performance forwarding software.

Senior Software Engineer Retix Corporation 1992-1993

After I finished my research contracts I applied to the US arm of my old employer in California. I obtained my Green Card while working on optimizing the performance of their RX7000 bridge/router product.

Co-Founder Capella Research Limited 1989-1992

Formed my own consultancy company to carryon working on secure system research contracts when the US arm of Retix which had purchased TSL declined to continue working in this area. Produced a novel security policy model and developed formal machine proofs for a top-level design implementing this model. (SMITE). Presented papers at Oakland Security and Privacy Conferences.

Senior Software Engineer Retix UK Limited 1987-1989

TSL was purchased for its bridge products by a US portable software company to form a software/hardware bridge/router product. I continued to work on Secure System research contracts for the British Ministry of Defence. (SCP-3)

Senior Software Engineer TSL Communications Limited 1982-1987

Small British startup developing bridge products. I worked on defence research contracts which one of the company founders specialised in. We worked together to design and implement the prototype of a secure communications processor (SCP-2)which was later productised by GEC under TSL supervision and certified to the B3 level of assurance by the UK Government.

Senior Systems Analyst Burroughs UK Limited 1980-1982

Worked on communications subsystem of Terminal Systems products, mainly ATM's (cash machines not the protocol!). Initially these and other banking terminals were on Burroughs Poll/Select and IBM BiSynch but we modernised them to HDLC/SDLC, X.25 and SNA.

Phil Terry