Sally and Frank Terry

Mum and Dad on the 45th

Sally and Frank Terry on their 45th Wedding Anniversary.


with Diane in Baby Competition

I guess this one was somewhat earlier. Don't know what that is between them, its too big to be a baby.

This would be where it all began officially.

Wedding Day

Of course, unofficially it probably all started at Hampton Court by the river.

Hampton Court Bikerides

Now I can see the attraction to Mum here, what a beauty, but Mum, what were you thinking! Look at the scrawny little runt. And those aren't shorts, those are a pair of long trousers sufficiently baggy that you can roll the cuffs all the way up to the thigh!

So I asked my Mum and Dad to write down all the stories they used to tell us kids and the story of their lives. They made a valiant start. Here's my Mum's story and here's my Dad's.

I'll keep bugging them to give me more and update their pages. Meanwhile, here's some questions to prompt them.